High Precision Automatic Lathe


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    Machine specification

    ITEM G-1525A G-2025A UNIT
    Spindle speed 2100-7000 2100-7000 rpm
    Cam shaft speed 1.3-25 1.3-25 rpm
    OD tool rest Nos. 5 5 pcs
    ID tool rest Nos. 2 2 pcs
    Drill chuck Fuji drill chuck 15# Fuji drill chuck 15# pcs
    Collet chuck 15# 20# pcs
    Tool blank Nos. 5 5 pcs
    Tool blank size 8 * 8 8 * 8 mm
    Max. processing dia. Ø15 Ø20 mm
    Max. processing length-Slide stravel 35 35 mm
    Max. drilling dia. 10 15 mm
    Max. drilling depth 40 40 mm
    Max. tapping dia. M6 x P1.0 M8 x P1.0 Fe
    Max. tapping dia. M8 x P1.0 M8 x P1.25 Cu
    Max. turned taper-Slide taper 10° - 15° 10° - 15° mm
    Spindle speed steps 5 5 steps
    Cam shaft speed steps 15 15 steps
    Spindle motor 2 HP/1.5 KW 2 HP/1.5 KW HP
    Coolant pump motor 1 / 4 1 / 4 HP
    Spindle center height 1055 - 1080 1055 - 1080 mm
    Weight 850 850 KG
    Lathe size 1500*750*1450 1500*750*1450 mm

    Standard Accessories

    Die holder SET
    Tool box & Adjust tool SET
    Lighting equipement SET
    Oil splash-prevention cover SET
    Coolant sys. SET
    Bar end sensor SET
    Manually loaded single bar feeder SET

    Optional Accessories

    Floor oil tray SET
    Slotting attachment SET
    Threading attachment SET
    Automatic bar feeder SET
    Cams compeleted SET

    * All specification are subject to change without notice in advance

      • The main spindle is made by special steel which has been treated through heat treatment and ground precisely. This machine is equipped with 5 sets of tools and high precision can be achieved through the equipped micrometer. The sliding plate is made by high quality cast iron which is also treated through heat treatment and ground precisely.
      • This adopts magnetic clutch to drive the tapping shaft, and tapping can be achieved by use of the revolution difference between main spindle and tapping shaft in the same direction. Reaming, deep hole drilling and inside or outside tapping can be completed in a cycle by shaking to exchange both of the shafts.
    • CAM & CAM SHAFT :
      • Plate cam is for a radial cutting, bell cam is for axial cutting. At the central journal, the cam shaft is divided into two portion. Convenient and save much time to exchange cams. Also, it can be changed into by manual rotating when necessary.
  • G-1525A