CNC Swiss Type Automatic Lathe

6 Axes Opposed Gang Tool (Y2)GO-326

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    Machine specification

    Model GO-326
    Machining capacity Main spindle Bar stock diameter Ø8~32 mm
    Machining length 320mm (Direct- drive guide bushing)
    115mm (Mechanical-drive rotary guide bushing)
    70mm (Guide bushing-less)
    Drilling Ø12 mm
    Tapping M10
    Deep hole drilling Ø10mm
    Back spindle Chuck diameter Ø32 mm 
    Drilling Ø10 mm
    Tapping M8
    Tool spindle Drilling / tapping (Left cross tool) Ø8mm / M6
    Drilling / tapping (Right cross tool) Ø8 mm / M6
    Drilling / tapping (Back tool) Ø8 mm / M6
    Slitting saw Ø45 mm (Right cross tool T04)
    Max. speed Main spindle 8,000RPM
    Back spindle 8,000RPM
    Direct-drive guide bushing 8,000RPM
    Tool spindle 5,000RPM
    Tool size
    OD tool shank 16×16×100 mm
    Boring tool shank (For face/back ID tool or back tool post) Ø25 mm
    Chuck for left cross tools ER16 × 3 + ER20 × 1
    Chuck for right cross tools ER16
    Chuck for back live tools ER16
    Chuck for back fixed tools ER16
    Chuck for deep hole drill ER16
    Tool position No. (Max. mountable tool No.): 29 (36)
    Left OD turn tool post 5
    Right OD turn tool post 2 (OP.: 7)
    Front/back ID tool post (one-body) 5
    Back tool post Live x 4 + Fixed x 4
    Left cross tool post 4
    Right cross live tool post 3
    Face deep drill 2
    Main spindle 3.7 / 7.5 KW (Rated / 10%)
    Back spindle 2.2 / 3.7 KW (Rated / 10 min.)
    Left cross tool 1.0 KW
    Right cross tool 1.0 KW
    Back tool 1.0 KW
    Direct-drive rotary guide bushing 2.2 / 3.7 KW (Rated / 10 min.)
    X1, Y1, Z1, X2, Z2 axis 0.75 KW
    Y2 axis 0.5 KW
    Coolant pump 0.75 KW
    Lubricating pump 0.011 KW
    Main spindle hydraulic pump 0.75 KW
    Axis travel
    X1 142mm
    Y1 348mm
    Z1 320mm (Direct-drive rotary guide bushing)
    X2 370mm
    Y2 68mm
    Z2 335mm
    Weight 3,500 KGS
    Rated power (Capacity) 16.11 KW (22.5 KVA)
    Compressed air requirement ≧4 KG/cm2
    Air consumption ≧100 NL/min
    Coolant tank capacity 180L
    Machine dimensions (W×D×H) 2,150 × 1,280 × 1,930 mm

    All specifications are subject to change without notice in advance.

    GO-326 NC Specification

    ITEM GO-326
    Controller FANUC 0i-TF
    No. of controlled axes 8 (X1, Y1, Z1, C1, X2, Y2, Z2, C2)
    Spindle synchronization (S1, S2) S1 – S2 (Main spindle – Back spindle)
    Z1, Z2 – axis synchronization Yes
    Simultaneously controlled axes Max. 4 axes/path
    Min. input increment 0.001mm (Diametrical designation for X1, X2 axes)
    Min. command increment 0.0005mm for X1, X2 axes; 0.001mm for other axes
    Max. programmable dimension ±8 digits
    Rapid traverse rate 32m/min (X1, Y1, Y2: 24m/min)
    Spindle / feed rate override 0~150%, 10% increment
    Absolute / incremental command X,Z,Y,C: Absolute U, W, V, H: Incremental
    Tool offset pairs ±6 digits 200 pairs
    Display unit 10.4” color LCD
    Display language Chinese, English (standard)
    Part program storage length 2 megabytes(S1+S2)
    Memory card I/O interface Yes
    RS232C interface Yes
    Rigid tapping (main/back spindle, cross tool spindle, back tool spindle Yes
    Cut-off detection (Speed differential type) Yes
    Tool life counter Yes
    Tool spindle load monitor Yes

    Machine standard accessories

    Door interlock
    Coolant flow switch
    Spindle cooling unit
    Work conveyor
    Standard tools
    Slide fixing blocks (For transit)
    Back spindle air purge
    Cross live drill air purge
    Coolant pump (1HP)
    Internal work light
    Manual pulse generator
    3-tiered warning lamp set
    Automatic power shut-off
    Bar feeder interface
    Main spindle brake for indexing
    Back spindle brake for indexing
    Work discharge system (Front & back discharge from back spindle)
    Guide bushing-less kit


    Guide bushing system Motor direct- drive rotary guide bushing
    Mechanical- drive rotary guide bushing
    Tools for right cross tool post Tool spindle
    Multiplied tool spindle
    Double face tool spindle
    Double face bevel drilling head (Adjustable angle)
    Thread whirling head
    Hobbing head
    Tools for back tool post Tool spindle
    Multiplied tool spindle
    Adaptor for fixed tool
    Back cross tool spindle
    Back cross tool spindle – for saw
    Drill collet holders for fixed ID tool post Single-face drill collet holder
    Double-face drill collet holder
    Coolant system 40 bar / 70 bar
    Oil mist collector
    Chip conveyor and chip cart
    Main spindle adaptor (For non-rounded bar machining)
    Back spindle adaptor (For non-rounded bar machining)
    Small bore spindle sleeve (For reducing bar vibration)
    Automatic fire extinguisher
    Bar feeder
    • Built-in main/back spindle motors increase tooling accuracy. Increase speed and phase angle accuracies of the two synchronized spindles.
    • Direct motor-drive rotary guide bushing available for high speed and accurate machining
      • Max. speed: 8,000
      • Max. machining length: 320mm
      • Geometrical accuracy, dimensional accuracy and surface roughness are greatly improved with low noise levels, even at high speeds.
    • With separate back tool post and X2 axis for back spindle cross travel. Perfectly achieve simultaneous machining with main spindle (S1) and back spindle (S2) with reduced cycles and no waiting time.
    • Guide bushing-less kit available upon request for machining short parts. Ground bar stock is not required and reducing the remaining bar length.
    • Additional deep face hole drilling post (2 drills) is attached to the back spindle. Max. drilling depth is up to 100 mm. Besides, these 2 drills can be adapted to driven drills as option for off-center drilling and tapping.
    • Direct C-axis indexing helps reducing the spindle indexing time by avoiding to return to reference point when indexing is done from spindle rotating state.
    • Thread whirling head or hobbing head can be mounted on the right cross tool post for processing bone screws or gear hobbing.
    • The large chip tray is perfect for long-time operation. It is also possible to take out the products out and remove the chips during machining operations.
    • Workpiece conveyor is standard. The workpiece is discharged from the back spindle to the workpiece conveyor, moving then to the workpiece container.
    • Increase rigidity of main spindle・s tool posts and feed axis sliding guide without affecting tooling accuracy, even for variable load cutting.
    • Based on thermal physics, the main and back headstocks on X axes (X1, X2) are all mounted horizontally, reducing the heat-induced deformation to a minimum.

    Y2 axis, it can install with 4 live tools and 4 fixed tools. Y2 axis can make indexing and up-down moving.


    Cross side live tool is interchangeable type and allow to install with below tool attachment.


    Bevel drilling head


    End-working tool spindle


    Whirling threading head




    Adaptor for fixed tool


    Back cross tool spindle


    Multiplied tool spindle – Back side


    Multiplied tool spindle – Cross side

  • Motor direct-drive rotary guide bushing


    Main spindle hydraulic cylinder


    Face deep drilling